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Connect &




Intro session

Are you ready?

To help you both feel really prepared for the programme, we recommend you schedule a 10-15 minute introductory session to test the tech and get to know each other a little better before you launch into the programme content.
Schedule your intro session 2-3 days before you start the full coaching programme at Discover.
  1.  Test the technology
  2. Get to know your pupils (and let them get to know you!)
  3. Build a contract
Remember, you should schedule 1 - 2 hours each for your remaining sessions, to a cumulative total of 6 hours of coaching.
  1. Send your pupil the Bramble URL
  2. Arrange a time to log on
  3. Test Bramble - make sure you can see and hear each other
  4. Upload the Pupil Handbook
  5. Create a contract
  6. Ensure your pupil has completed the baseline survey.
  7. Arrange a time for your next session

Session 1


The Discover stage is vital for building a relationship with your pupil and having your pupil reflect on who they are and what they care about in relation to their future careers. 
  1. Gain a greater understanding of your pupil's personality, interests, motivations and skills.
  2. Consider what matters to your pupil in a fulfilling career.
  3. Discover sectors that are right for your pupil.
  1. What do you want to achieve?
  2. What have you already thought about?
  3. Unifrog personality test
  4. What motivates you?
  5. Strengths and skills
  6. How do I decide if a career is right for me?
  7. Exploring sector jobs


  1. Schedule your session with your pupil
  2. Remind your pupil to complete their Independent research
  3. Watch the video

Session 2


The Explore stage is your pupil's opportunity to dig deeper in to their top sector so they can make an informed decision when selecting their top career. 
  1. Gain more knowledge about your pupil's top job sectors and careers.
  2. Think about what your pupil needs to know about each career to make an informed decision.
  3. Reflect on your pupil's research and identify what else they would like to find out. 
  1. My Career Longlist
  2. Career Profiles
  1. Schedule your session with your pupil
  2. Remind your pupil to complete their Independent research
  3. Watch the video



Session 3

Connect & Achieve

The first part of Connect and Achieve is your pupil's chance to explore the pathways that are going to lead them towards their top careers. They will also prepare for their Expert conversation.
  1.  Choose the pathway that is right for you.
  2. Research and evaluate different university and/or apprenticeship courses.
  3. Prepare for the Expert conversation.

Connect & Achieve

  1. Choosing a Pathway
  2. Choosing a Subject (university)
  3. Choosing a provider/course
  4. Provider/course profiles
  5. Preparing for your Expert conversation
  1. Schedule your session with your pupil
  2. Remind your pupil to complete their Independent research
  3. Watch the video

Expert Conversation

A key part of the Connect & Achieve stage is the Expert conversation, which is
your pupil's opportunity to hear from someone working in the industry, or studying a course, that
they are interested in.  
It is your responsibility to find at least one Expert for your pupil to speak to during Session 4.
Students who experience four or more activities that involve employer contact whilst at school are 5x less likely to be NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training).

PE conversation

Start searching for your Expert(s) as soon as your pupil has chosen the career they are most interested in.

• Contact a number of people for any given profession as not everyone will reply.

• Don’t worry if you can’t find someone with the exact job title your pupil would like - as long as their career is related, it will still be beneficial.

• If your pupil has a few careers they are interested in, feel free to get answers from multiple experts.
  1. Reach out to Experts in your pupil's field.
  2. Schedule a time when your pupil, Expert and you are available.
  3. Send the Expert your pupil's questions to give them time to prepare.
  4. Send the Bramble room link.
  5. Confirm timings.
Never give your pupil's details to the Expert.
Future Frontiers Professional Expert Bank
Templates for
contacting Experts

Where can I find an Expert?

⏱️Expert conversations vary in length, but last approximately 20 minutes.
👩🏽‍🔬Your Expert doesn't necessarily have to be an expert - just someone with experience of a certain sector or route.

Session 4

Connect & Achieve

The final stage of the programme and the second half of Connect and Achieve gives your pupil the chance to hear from an Expert in their desired field. They will also learn how to create a strong application and create a plan of development and next steps to put them on the path to success post-programme.
  1. Reflect on the Expert's answers.
  2. Create content to strengthen your pupil's applications.
  3. Agree clear next steps your pupil can take after the programme to bring them closer to achieving their aspirations.


  1. Your Expert Conversation and Reflections
  2. Understanding the application process
  3. Your Development Plan
  1. Schedule your session with your pupil
  2. Confirm your pupil's Expert call
  3. Remind your pupil to complete their Independent research
  4. Watch the video

Ending the Programme

Congratulations on finishing the Future Frontiers programme!
Don't forget to congratulate your pupil on their dedication and
achievements throughout the programme and wish them well for the future.
Leaving them with some words of encouragement is a lovely way to end the programme.
Your feedback is very important to us and helps inform how we design and structure our programme. At the end of your programme please share your thoughts here.
  • Please remind your pupil to complete the end of programme survey.
  • Thank the Expert for their time.
  • Feel proud! You've done an amazing thing, dedicating your time and effort to help a young person - well done and thank you!
🎉Thank you for making a difference to a young person's life!🎉