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Our award-winning programme combines face-to-face coaching with access to professional role models.

The programme has a transformational effect on pupils' engagement with learning whilst preparing them to transition into sustained education, employment or training aged 16 or 18. 


The Future Frontiers Pupil Journey


6 hours of face-to-face coaching

Stage 1/2
Discover & Explore

Pupils complete a thorough self-analysis to gain a deeper insight into what matters and what motivates them.  They match these to a range of different careers and spend time learning about their top careers in detail, before identifying one top career

Stage 3/4
Connect & Achieve

To build lasting motivation,  pupils speak to a professional and complete the programme with a personalised development plan, mapping out the ‘career target grades’ required to reach their long-term goals.


To build an ethos of aspiration, coaches and pupils celebrate their progress and share well wishes for the future.


tailored interactions and events

Video Calls

Pupils speak to a professional in their chosen industry via video call to bring the career to life.

Pathways Seminar

We deliver one Pathways Seminar to the whole cohort, to develop knowledge and help pupils understand the pros and cons of the main post 16 and 18 education and training routes.  Sessions have been designed in collaboration with employers, universities, the National Careers Service and the National Apprenticeship Service, and are delivered at school.

Career Talk

We invite a senior business leader to deliver a career talk to the whole year group.  Speakers share their career journey, offer industry insights and promote the importance of hard work and resilience, at school and beyond.

 London Career
Networking Event

All participating pupils are invited to attend our Career Networking Event.  At this tailored event, pupils connect with inspiring professionals in their chosen careers to develop sector knowledge and build their confidence in engaging with professionals.

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