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Spotlight on: Our Coaches

Claire from Frank Hirth and her coachee, Sofia,

It's not just our students who have had to adapt to virtual coaching. Our network of volunteers have also embraced our new way of working.

We're proud to share some of their feedback here.

"Volunteering with the Future Frontiers programme was the highlight of my work week! I appreciate my company giving back to the community in new ways by committing volunteer time."

Diana, IQVIA

"I found being part of Future Frontiers incredibly enjoyable and felt a sense of pride and responsibility in being able to share my experiences to help someone else embarking on their education and career pathways. It was also a reminder of how challenging and varied in options and decisions young people have to make today, especially with the influence of social media. It was a two ways learning street and a fantastic and rewarding experience."

Paul, Charles Taylor

"I would highly recommend taking part in this programme to my colleagues. It was so lovely to hear my student say how they now feel less hazy around what opportunities are open to them - so rewarding to think you have made even a small difference to a young person's confidence."

Danit, John Lewis

"Volunteering with future frontiers was a fantastic experience. The support on hand is amazing and they have set up a very comprehensive programme. Watching your pupil progress week by week was incredibly fulfilling. It felt great to be part of an organisation helping young people think about their future pathways"

Amarrah, Fever Tree

"I really enjoyed this programme. It was really well put together, felt very targeted, and it really felt like it made a tangible difference. It felt like an especially valuable exercise in these very difficult times."

Will, Endemol Shine

"A great initiative, run by great people, for great students. A really rewarding experience and a positive achievement in a challenging year!"

James, CSM

"Future Frontiers is such an incredible opportunity to be able to support students into finding the right pathway for them. It's very rewarding and I would highly recommend it."


"Participating in the Future Frontiers programme has been really fulfilling from both a personal and professional viewpoint. It had been really rewarding to feel like I can give something back and it has certainly made me reflect on some of my own past choices."

Shilpa, Takeda

"This is a fabulous opportunity to support a young adult explore their future career whilst enhancing my coaching skills. I was initially nervous but soon built a rapport and feel confident that we both took a lot from the experience."

Jodie, John Lewis

Are you looking for a way to make a difference in your community, without employees leaving their home? Get in touch to find out more about partnering with us to coach young people from disadvantaged backgrounds plan for their futures.


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