Broadening Horizons: Martin's Story

When Martin signed up as a coach on the Future

Frontiers programme, he was looking for an

opportunity to provide a young person with the

career knowledge and insight that they might lack in

their own familial or social circles.

Not only did the programme give him the chance to

do just that, but it also gave Martin himself insight

into the challenges faced by many young people

from disadvantaged backgrounds when progressing

beyond school.

Martin’s pupil, Jack, came to the sessions with two career aspirations: Finance and Psychology. However, he didn’t have the knowledge and information he needed to decide which of these would be right for him to pursue after school.

One thing he did know was that he didn’t want to go to university and instead was seeking opportunities that would allow him to access a successful career via a training programme or an apprenticeship.

“We looked at the different career paths that aligned with his broader aspirations and possible pathways to get to these,” Martin explained.

“It became obvious fairly early on that he wouldn’t be able to work as a Psychologist without attending university.”

Through their conversations, Martin was able to help Jack come to the decision that he wanted to pursue a career in accountancy. Luckily for Jack, as an accountant himself, Martin had plenty of knowledge about this career and was able to answer a wealth of questions about the sector as a whole and specific jobs within it.