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Support During the Programme 

These documents will help you support your students during your sessions.

Training slides and Pupil Handbook

If you'd like to revisit the coach training slides, you can find them here.

The online version of the pupil handbook is here. Your pupil will be given a hard copy in their first session.



Never share your contact details with your pupil(s) or add them on social media.

Your Transition Manager will let you know if you are a supervised coach. If you are, you must not be alone with your pupil(s) at any point and must always work in a supervised space. You must also have someone from Future Frontiers or the school present for your SRM call.

If you have any concerns about your pupil(s), please let your Transition Manager know as soon as possible.

Please see the safeguarding policy here .


Guidance for each session

You can find the session guidance for coaches here.

Here is some help if your pupil has missed a session.

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