Preparing for the Coaching Programme

1. Activity Handbook

Download the Activity Handbook here

You will be annotating this weekly in your sessions with your pupil. Please save the PDF and read through it thoroughly.​​

(Face-to-face programmes)

You and your pupil will use a hard copy in your sessions. Your Programme Manager will bring them to your offices for Session 1. Your pupil will take this handbook home at the end of the programme.

(Virtual Programmes)

We will not send the  PDFs to pupils at the end of the programme. Pupils will receive a summary of what you completed when they fill in the End of Programme Survey in Session 4. This summary will also be used in their session with a careers advisor in Year 11.


3. Additional Resources

Re-familiarise yourself with the Training slides (HERE).

Read through the additional reading materials HERE, such as:

  • The UK Education System

  • Coaching (skills and tips)

  • Unconscious Bias

All website links in the Activity Handbook can be found in this PDF as full URLs (HERE).

Information about combining sessions and prioritising activities is found HERE.

Post 16 - Pathways information for coaches is found HERE.

Be inspired by our creative challenges to make your own for your pupil HERE.

Vedamo - Logistical Information



Step by step instructions on how to access and end your sessions, found HERE.

(Your PM will send these weekly as well).

Remember - Vedamo records everything you do in the “room” – we use this to spot check your sessions.

2.  Session Facilitation Notes

Read through each tab of the Coach Portal Menu, especially the individual coaching session pages. 


On these session pages, you will find facilitation notes and example debrief questions for each session. You can print these out if you would like a paper version for your sessions.

Tip: block out 45mins-1hr before each session to re-familiarise yourself with the activities. We recommend buddying up with 1 or 2 colleagues for this.

4. (Virtual programmes) 

Coaching Platform - Vedamo

1.  Register using an emailed link from your Programme Manager. Bookmark the login page.

2.  Wait for your account to be changed to "teacher" (24-48hours, you will not receive a notification).

3.  Watch this Vedamo instruction video. Additional videos about how Vedamo works here.  

4.  Practise using your account.

Microsoft Teams Drop Ins


Have a question, concern or want to chat to a Programme Manager or fellow coach?

Drop in to our optional Teams sessions here

Mondays at 1pm - 1:30pm

Tuesdays at 1pm - 1:30pm

Thursdays at 1pm - 1:30pm

Also, please find additional support on our FAQ page.