Tailored Careers Guidance For Disadvantaged Students: A Success Story

Ark Academy was looking for a charity to support their disadvantaged students make better decisions about their next steps.

We caught up with Head of Sixth Form, Tom Ding, to discuss how working with Future Frontiers has made their Year 12 students better informed about their future prospects.

Ark Academy pupil meeting with her coach

Tell us about why you selected Year 12

"Completing the Future Frontiers programme in the Spring of Year 12 was the perfect time to receive such tailored support. Students started by creating shortlist of careers with their mentor and finished with a one-on-one conversation with an expert in their chosen field. This motivated them as they approached Year 13, and was excellent preparation for their UCAS application a few months later."

How did you choose the students for the Future Frontiers Programme?

"We funded the school contribution through the 16-19 Bursary government funding. We prioritised guaranteeing our most disadvantaged students a personal career mentor through Year 12."

"Most of these students actively applied for the opportunity. When one or two didn’t, we allowed other students to apply for the spare places."

What benefits have you seen from the programme?