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How We Are Supporting Young People Through The Covid-19 Pandemic

Before Covid-19, young people from disadvantaged backgrounds already faced significant barriers to achieving their potential.

The UK's poorest students are now at risk of falling further behind their peers as a result of school closures.

With the support of our brilliant community of business partners, trusts and foundations, we're continuing to deliver programmes where they're needed most.

As children spend extended time away from the classroom, the achievement gap between rich and poor is set to widen.

Now, more than ever, the most disadvantaged young people need our support.

So here's what we're doing.

We've moved our coaching programme online

We are mobilising business volunteers to provide virtual face-to-face coaching to hundreds of young people in schools across the UK. We're troubleshooting with schools so students have access to the technology they need.

The programme ensures students understand their career and study options beyond school. And it gives them the tools and reassurance they need to make informed decisions in the autumn.

We're supporting young people where the need is most urgent

Young people facing key transition points are missing out on guidance on their immediate next steps. Many families lack the knowledge to help. And their children are worried about their futures.

That's why we are focusing our support on Year 12. We're identifying vulnerable pupils who are least likely to access support from home.

We're raising emergency funds

Schools' resources are now tighter than ever. It's important that outreach activities like Future Frontiers remain accessible.

We're offering our online programme for free to schools serving children in the greatest need. As a result, we are looking to raise £42,000 by the end of May to keep Future Frontiers supporting the most disadvantaged.

We've joined the the Covid-19 Youth Employment Group

Clear evidence is emerging that young workers will be worst hit by the pandemic.

We are part of a cross-sector effort to give the next generation the chance to make the most of their skills and talents in the labour market. You can read our letter to secretaries of state here.

We're working with businesses committed to tackling inequality

Volunteers from our business partners provide the frontline support to young people in need. Our fantastic business partners are standing by young people in their community during the pandemic.

We're working with them to adapt our programme to their new ways of working and equipping their staff to support young people from their homes.

Are you ready to support disadvantaged pupils?

Schools, government and charities cannot tackle these widened inequalities alone. Business support is now more important than ever.

Our corporate volunteering programmes will run throughout the 20-21 academic year, with face-to-face and virtual elements. If your employees can rise to the challenge of inspiring a young person and develop their own career by learning a new skill, get in touch.

Fund a young person's future

We are well-placed to provide the support that young people need. And we are working hard to meet the increased demand from schools. But the longer the crisis lasts, the more difficult it will be to to maintain the income streams required to deliver our programmes at the scale needed.


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