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Inspiring The Next Generation With Future Frontiers

Sometimes, it takes just one person to change a young person's future.

Here's what our pupils have to say about the difference their career coaches have made.

"Future Frontiers helped me confirm what I wanted to do and it gave me more of an idea of the path I needed to take. I liked my coach - she was always there and my future career was her top priority.
This programme has given me more encouragement to work harder and to get into university.
I loved that this programme helped me see that I can achieve what I want to, and there's nothing that can stop me from doing that."

Sara, future social worker

"This is exactly the sort of mindset I've been looking for. Since my mum got ill, I've wanted to plan for my future but haven't known how. I think this won't only help me, but my whole family."

Ria, future midwife

"My coach, Tom, was amazing and helped me with everything.
Today I spoke to a company director and he told me that he didn't even know what he wanted to do when he was my age. So it was reassuring to find out that I am one step ahead already.
Please pick St Andrew's school again! "

Erasmus, future company director

"I really loved how my coach supported me when I had questions. I learned so much through these sessions.
Every session was really enjoyable and I appreciated that my coach gave me every opportunity to understand my options."

Nedathia, future marine biologist

"Now with the information I have, I feel like I can really do something that’s right for me. I feel like I have a future now."

Hersony, future software engineeer

"My coach helped me to know what each job means, what they do, the activities and the skills they require.
She helped me find the specific skills and requirements to become what I wanted to be. You get to get out of school and you’re in a different work environment.
It has helped me to focus more in class to achieve what I want to."

Rozheen, future company director

Do you have what it takes to be an inspiring role model to a young person? Find out how your company can set up a corporate volunteering programme from the comfort of your offices.

Could our coaches help motivate students at your school? Read more about our coaching programme here.


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