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The Impact Of Corporate Volunteering: Taosif's Story

After taking part in a corporate volunteering programme at a leading law firm, Taosif transformed his efforts at school.

He now has the grades he needs to study law at a top university.

Taosif with his career coach, Paul

Like many young people his age, Taosif had high ambitions for his future, but started Year 12 without much idea what he was going to do and how he was going to do it.

When he began the Future Frontiers programme at legal firm Ashurst in Spring 2018, he had selected his A levels without much thought. He was underachieving and predicted to receive three C grades, despite his ambitions and his potential.

"He reminded me a lot of me at his age; lots of energy and enthusiasm but perhaps a lack of direction and focus."

Upon meeting Taosif for the first time his career coach Paul noted, “He reminded me a lot of me at his age; lots of energy and enthusiasm but perhaps a lack of direction and focus.”

Over the course of six hours of face-to-face career coaching in the Ashurst offices, Taosif discovered a passion for working with people.

With support and guidance from Paul, he gained knowledge about the skills he needed to develop and the steps he would need to take to achieve his goals.

Reflecting on the programme, Taosif said, “For me, my mentor was probably the best person out there. He built the foundations of my aspirations. He showed me the formal side, the grades I need to get, how to be punctual. He told me about the obstacles he faced himself and the importance of informal communication that builds rapport and sensitivity.”

Paul said, “Taosif responded very well to the programme. You could see that he was very motivated speaking to the industry experts and that he accepted that he would need to up his game to get where he wants to get to.”

"Before the programme, I was predicted three Cs at A level. Now coming to the end of Year 13, I am predicted three A grades and I have received offers from four Russell Group Universities."

Taosif realised he would need to increase his efforts at school to access opportunities that would allow him to reach his top career.

Following the programme he applied himself with a new energy and exceeded the expectations of his teachers, going on to take part in competitive work experience programmes both at Ashurst and Clifford Chance LLC.

Now coming to the end of Year 13, Taosif is predicted to receive three A grades and has received offers from four Russell Group universities.

To find out how Future Frontiers can support students in your school, get in touch with us today.

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