The Impact of 1:1 Coaching: Lydia's Story

Young people leaving school in 2021 are entering the toughest education, employment and training landscape seen in decades. Lockdown and school closures has meant that they have missed 3-months of formal education.

It is more important than ever that our coaches are there to support pupils to think through their futures and plan carefully for their next steps.

For Lydia, the opportunity to be matched to a career coach came at a crucial time.

Lydia was doing all the right things: she was working hard towards her A-Levels, had adjusted to the rhythm of home learning, and had been starting to think about her future. But before the Future Frontiers programme, she had not yet been supported to think extensively about what she could turn her skills and talents to upon leaving school.

Jobs in healthcare had always interested Lydia, but the programme gave her the structure and confidence to explore the sector in greater detail.

"I think I had always wanted to do medicine, but I never really thought I was able. The coaching programme helped to - I guess - confirm that I could."

Through the research she did with her coach - Andrew, a volunteer from CenturyLink - and after speaking 1:1 with a surgeon, Lydia came to the conclusion that she wanted to pursue a career in medicine.

She explains that one of the first activities she completed with her coach helped her reach this decision: “We looked at the skills and qualities that I have. And then later, we linked that to the careers I found interesting and got to see crossovers. It was really helpful. In Sixth Form we don’t tend to look at these things in detail like that”.