A two-way street: Alli’s story

Alli Wilson from Jellyfish tells us she’s already taken her new coaching skills back to the workplace.

Alli Wilson Jellyfish Employee And Future Frontiers Volunteer

I thoroughly enjoyed the programme and it’s actually helped me learn a lot about myself. I found out that I’m actually quite good at mentoring and coaching and I really enjoy doing it. I really felt such an incredible sense of satisfaction - being able to help someone in their journey and being that support and mentor for someone - so it’s been really beneficial from both a personal and a company perspective.

“I absolutely recommend doing the programme. Bite the bullet and give it a go because it is really rewarding, not just for the mentee, but also for yourself as well.”

Supporting a young person

I had a great mentee, she was really shy, very, very quietly spoken and very nervous I think to start with, and actually that was a really nice benefit of the programme was seeing her come out of her shell over the course of the six weeks.

She was really interested in a very rare role - she was interested in being a behavioural intelligence advisor which is in effect a criminal profiler, and we were matched up really well actually, because I studied criminology and forensic science when I was at university so I’ve got a real interest in that field anyway.

It also meant that when I was doing the research into the role and pathways and also contacting a sector mentor, I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it because it was right up my street!

Because it’s such a rare role, there are only three of them in the entire UK, which in a way made it easier to find someone to speak to!

It was made very clear to her, and she was very clear, that while she is interested in that field, she may not end being that specific role that was interested in, but we certainly explored all of the other options that were available in the same industry