Finding meaning in school: Amir's story

Year 9 student Amir was confident and ambitious. But until he completed the Future Frontiers programme, he didn’t have clear goals for his future, nor a full appreciation of why success at school was so important.

Amir was selected to participate in the coaching programme at Trainline, where he was supported by his coach, Freddie.

"School, for me, I thought it was just - you had to do it - because you just had to. But now I know that you do it to help you and aid you for your future career.”

Amir echoes what many students and teachers tell us about the limited opportunities for young people to engage in a thorough process of career learning whilst at school.

“In school they don’t really teach you about jobs, what you do in those jobs and what you work as”, he reflects.

They just teach you about how to get the best GCSEs to get into college and how to - kind of - move up the system.

Like many of our pupils, meeting with Freddie for 6 hours of face-to-face coaching was Amir’s first opportunity to discuss his aspirations at length and explore potential career pathways.

Freddie helped me think widely about what I like and what jobs suit my preferences”, Amir tells us.

We looked at lots of different options like management consultant, but I am most interested in starting my own business when I’m older.”