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Faithful+Gould and Future Frontiers: Shaping Aziz’s future

We are delighted to work in partnership with consultancy firms, Atkins and Faithful+Gould, as dedicated Impact Partners that go above and beyond to make a difference for young people on their career journeys.

Following one of our recent coaching programmes together, we had a chat with Aziz, a Year 10 pupil who now aspires to become a business development manager, and his career coach Bill, who works as Information Manager at Faithful+Gould. Aziz told us how taking part in the career coaching enabled him to open his mind to different careers and pathways.

Aziz, Year 10 Pupil

“Before the programme, I had some idea about my future career, but it was mainly based on things that I liked already. At home, I’d explored different pathways and careers but never in such depth that we’ve had in the Future Frontiers programme. I never would have thought to expand my mindset and think of the things we’ve discussed over the last few weeks. It’s really opened my mind to different pathways.

Now I am interested in business development management and plan to look more into this job. I think it’s a good option for me because it fits really well with my skills and career values, like salary and helping people. The more in depth we looked into it, the more I realised this was a good fit for me and it’s something I’d definitely like to do in the future.

“I never would have thought to expand my mindset and think of the things we’ve discussed over the last few weeks.

We also looked at a few back-up options. One of them is an entertainment agent. It also fits with my career values and skills and is something I’d find interesting to do in the future.

My favourite activity on the programme was the sector role model call we had with someone who works in business development management. It helped me to gain an insight into what this job is actually like and what I would do on a daily basis. I was surprised to learn how flexible the job is - it’s not a regular nine-to-five job. Also, you don’t have to follow the path of just finishing GCSEs, going to college and then going to university to get into this role. There’s multiple different pathways you could take to reach this position. The conversation with the sector role model confirmed this job is the right choice for me.

“Now I know how to find what’s right for me and fits my personal values and skills.”

My chosen post-16 routes are vocational courses or an apprenticeship. I always thought that I’d do vocational courses, but now that I’ve found out about apprenticeships, that’s also something I could consider to go straight into working life and study at the same time.

Thank you for helping people like me with figuring out their future, possible post-16 pathways and career paths. I feel more confident than I was before. Now I know how to find what’s right for me and fits my personal values and skills.

I’d definitely recommend this programme to other young people. We’re young - we’re only 14-15 and nobody is ever sure of exactly what they want to do. Things like this lead your mind to what you want to do, what could be right for you, what could help you.”

Bill, Information Manager at Faithful+Gould

“I’ve really enjoyed watching the journey that Aziz has been on, moving from “this is what I know from life” to “oh, there’s more” and now, “actually, I think I want something different” and “I didn’t even know that was a thing”.

It was fascinating to see this transition happen over the four weeks while some people spend their whole career trying to work this out and just bumbling along. Decades of experience were condensed into four weeks of discovery. It felt like a privilege to be a part of that growth and change.”

The Future Frontiers coaching programme is a unique way to develop your staff whilst also making a positive impact in your local community. Get in touch with our team today to find out how your business could benefit from partnering with us.


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