Psychology or Psychiatry? Damola and Sophinne’s Story

The Future Frontiers programme is intended to be a journey of discovery for young people. And that’s exactly what Damola experienced, with the support of her Axis Capital coach Sophinne.

Damola, 15 is in Year 10 at Coopers school in Bromley. She tells us:

"Before I did the Future Frontiers programme I didn’t really know what I was going to do with myself after GCSEs.

At the start I was thinking about psychiatry, and maybe becoming a psychiatrist. But then after a lot of research with my coach into both psychiatry and psychology, I think psychology would suit me more. It gives you a wider range of subjects that you can pick for A-Levels, which is really helpful. In psychiatry, the A-Levels you need to take and the grades you have to get are more restricted.

The Sector Role Model conversations really helped with that decision too. I had one video call with a doctor who is a psychiatrist, and then I had another one with a student who's doing her PhD in psychology.

Now I have a more solid knowledge of what I want to do after GCSEs, and I feel a lot more motivated at school because I know what I want to do with myself in the future.

I’m actually really excited to go on to A-Levels now. It’s going to be an opportunity for me to learn a lot more about what I want to do. I heard there is a big jump from GCSEs to A-Levels, so the change might be a bit stressful. But you just need to know how to balance your work and your life. I’m thinking of going to the Sixth Form of the school I am at now, but if that doesn’t work out I now know that I need to start looking at other Sixth Form colleges in my area.

It was so amazing working with my coach Sophinne! The sessions were really fun and I looked forward to going to them every week.”