My Coach and Me - Callum + Jamie

Pupil During Online Coaching Session Facing Camera

We asked student Callum and coach Jamie Lowe from Atkins for their perspectives on the Future Frontiers coaching programme. Here’s what they had to say.

Firstly, can you introduce each other?

C: My coach was named Jamie Lowe - he was incredibly helpful, informative and constructive with the content.

J: My mentee was Callum, he was a fantastic guy, a little bit shy to start with but soon grew into it.

What kind of careers did you talk about?

J: He had a real passion for hypnotherapy and psychology, which I was really pleased to be able to explore with him.

C: I’m taking three exams, psychology, sociology and media studies, all of which feed into each other quite nicely and hopefully those will help me get a career that me and Jamie discussed.

What was it like meeting for the first time?

C: At first I did feel a little bit pressured but Jamie quickly put me at ease and we ended up having quite a few laughs along the way.

J: I think at the start I felt quite self-conscious and, ‘am I d