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Ares Management: The importance of skills-based volunteering to a 2024 workforce

Ares Management, a leading global alternative investment management company, are in their second year of partnership with Future Frontiers. In 2023, 16 volunteers coached 20 students from Twickenham School, leading to career destinations ranging from Music Teacher to Videogames Analyst.

We spoke to Lee Fabiaschi, VP of Employee Engagement, about her experience working with us:

Corporate Volunteering Programme
the Future Frontiers programme in action at Ares Management

“Future Frontiers started as a pilot program in our UK office and has become a model that we are looking to emulate across our global offices. It was a good fit for us as the program aligned with our CREST values - Collaborate, Responsible, Entrepreneurial, Self-aware and Trustworthy. Our volunteers connected deeply with the local impact, and mentor/mentee relationship, and the programme structure has been very successful for our corporate volunteers. 

As part of the experience, Future Frontiers captured data on employee engagement, and 100% of the coaches that took part agreed it was highly rewarding. The Impact Report shared at the end of the programme also included testimonials from our volunteers:

“Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to take part in the program! It was definitely a step outside my comfort zone and a really valuable experience for me!” - Robbie, Senior Associate

To connect the engagement with personal development, we communicated volunteer involvement to coaches’ respective managers to increase buy-in. It helped us to identify leadership potential in volunteers that took part, and coaches self-reported developing their teamwork, communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills. The Future Frontiers programme also required volunteers to use inclusive coaching skills to accommodate a diverse range of learning styles in the students.

We recently published Philanthropy, Purpose and Professional Development: Why Workplace Volunteer Programs Matter to understand the transformative impacts of volunteering and we know that skills-based opportunities like the Future Frontiers programme are particularly important to attracting and retaining Gen-Z talent – 64% of the Gen-Z workforce identify a connection between volunteering and career advancement.

Finally – skills-based volunteers become vocal champions of our Philanthropy efforts, which demonstrates their communication and leadership skills. It helps our employer brand, as volunteers are twice as likely to recommend their organization – 39% (versus 19% of those who do not volunteer). I would recommend any business considering the Future Frontiers program to get involved!"

The Future Frontiers coaching programme is a unique way to develop your staff whilst also making a positive impact in your local community. Get in touch with our team today to find out how your business could benefit from partnering with us.


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