Session 3

This session will help your pupil:

  • Understand which pathways are available to them after GCSE

  • Think about what they might want to study and where

  • Prepare for their Sector Role Model conversation


Activity 1: What are my options after GCSE?

  • For this activity, you are reading through your pupil's options after GCSE and discussing the pros and cons of each and what your pupil thinks of them.  Your pupil should have received this information in their Pathways Seminar and we will also send you through the same slides so that you can understand a bit more about these options. Remember, your pupil is only in year 10, so these conversations can be high level and we don't expect you to know the ins and outs of these routes.

Activity 2: What should I study after GCSE?


  • This activity is looking at courses. Pupils will reflect on their career profiles and current grades and think about the qualifications they would like to take after GCSEs. Descriptions of all of these are on the handbook. Go through these with your pupil and reflect on the questions on the previous page. It's most important to get your pupil thinking about how these relate to their own current grades and what they might get at GCSE. It's OK to be realistic and discuss the ultimate goal, but also be really encouraging of the other options in case they don't get the grade they are aiming for.

  • Ask your pupil to select the qualification they are most keen in getting after GCSE and then a back up options for if they don't get the grades. Feel free to do some ad hoc research at this point of colleges or schools to see what the grade requirements are. There is also information for this in activity 1.

Activity 3: Where shall I study after GCSE?


  • This activity is helping your pupil understand where they can study the qualifications they have selected above. Using all the information you have been over so far, fill in the table and discuss with your pupil.

  • As before, ask them to select an ideal place to study and then one that might be a back up if they don't get the grades.

  • Up to this point, these discussions have been high level and not specific yet (i.e which college or school they may want to go to). If you have time, this is a good point to speak to your pupil about where people normally go after GCSE if they don't stay at their school and google some of the  colleges nearby.  This will simply show your pupil how to look up these colleges, courses and entry requirements. This is a useful skill for your pupils when they start looking at specific providers in year 11.


Activity 4: Preparing for your sector role model conversation

  • Discuss again with your pupil who you are hoping to find for them for their sector role model conversation in Session 4,. Remember there is loads of support for you on the coach portal if you click on the link at the top of this page.

  • Ask your pupil to come up with 3 questions (or more!) for that role model. We also give some suggestions in session 4 if they would like some hints. Encourage your pupil to really think about what they want to get from that conversation.

  • Some examples might be quite straightforward: what did you study to get your current job? What are the best and worst bits? What does a typical day look like?

  • You might also want to encourage your pupil to thing of more unusual questions: did you do any extra training? How did you get work experience? What would you change about your job?


  • Go through the checklist noting what you have achieved that session. Give your pupil lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement for what you have successfully completed

Remember the debrief framework in training:

  • Ask what you have done in that session

  • Ask what they have enjoyed

  • Ask what the implications of this are

  • Ask what they can think about before the next session