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DBS Check

It is vital that you apply for your Enhanced DBS check, which is necessary for working with young people on the Future Frontiers programme.
If you already have a DBS check from the last 3 years for CHILD WORKFORCE, please send a scanned copy to your Programme Manager. 
You will not be able to coach on this programme without a fully processed DBS check, which can take up to four weeks to come through once it has been submitted.
Here is a full list of accepted documents.
Please remember, we cannot accept any online documents.

The Process

Below is a run through of the programme from your training workshop. Look through the steps and read through the information below regarding timings and scheduling sessions.
You will schedule your sessions with your pupil over email.
Choose a time which suits you both, bearing in mind work and school commitments.
Remember to schedule time in for session prep ahead of each session.
You can choose how you split your 6 hours of coaching time.
Typically, each core session takes approx. 90 minutes but you can be flexible depending on how long the activities take you.
Protect your session times just as you would any other commitments at work.
Cancelling sessions last minute shows your pupil that you are not dedicated to the programme and does not reflect a professional working environment.
Make sure your sessions will fit into the timings indicated.
If you have any commitments such as Annual Leave, you may have to have two sessions in one week.


Online Platform

You will be using the online platform Bramble to host your sessions.
Before your programme, you will be sent an invite to create an account.
  • Click the link
  • Fill out your details
  • Create a new room and name your room
  • This automatically creates a link to your room
  • Share the link with your pupil (they do not need to create an account)

Watch this demo video:

Bramble has a great troubleshooting section so if you are experiencing tech problems, have a look there.
If you need more help, please email for any technical issues with the platform.
  • Bramble records everything you do in the “room” – we use this to spot check your sessions.
  • It saves your progress from the previous sessions so you can see what you wrote down in the previous sessions 
  • You'll upload the pupil handbook to the notebook (and you can turn the pages like an ebook on the notebook) and help your student work through it. You use your coach handbook to guide you in the best way to complete the activities.
  • You can download all the work you do on the notebook and send it as a PDF to your student – we recommend doing this at the end of the  programme (as this cleans your notebook and you have to reupload the handbook).
Having trouble launching Bramble?
Try Google Chrome.


As a coach, it's important you understand how to safeguard your pupil whilst on the programme.
  • Click the image on the right to read the full policy.
  • Email your Programme Manager to let them know you have read and understood it.
  • Let your Programme Manager know if you have any questions.
Safe screenshot.JPG


Please click on the images below to access all the resources you will need to complete your sessions here.
coach cover.JPG
pupil cover.JPG
You will upload the Pupil Handbook onto Bramble to complete the activities.
Have the coach handbook open on a separate screen or device during the sessions to help you be a fantastic coach!
Database of careers and courses.
Pre Session 1: Personality test
Session 4: Research providers
Form codes - Many pupils have Unifrog accounts already but if your pupil is from one of the following schools, they should use the following:
St. Georges - frausgcs22
Tytherington School - FRAUtytherington22
Career planning tools.
Session 1: Skills builder
                          Job Sector quiz
Try it yourself!
Username: ​
Password: unifrog
Login - Students need to sign up here.
When prompted to give their school name, they should type FutureFrontiersUK.
Try it yourself!
Username: ​
Password: FutureFrontiers


As you know, we will not give you lots of information about your pupil before the programme - it's important that you get to know them on their terms during your first couple of sessions.
However, please find some general pointers to help you, depending on whether your pupil
is in Year 12 or Year 13.
  • Ages 16-17
  • Just finished GCSEs
  • Completing Level 3 qualifications - A Levels & BTECS
  • Ages 17-18
  • Second year of Level 3 qualifications
  • Applying for university Autumn 2020
  • Applying to apprenticeships Spring/Summer 2021
You will be emailing your pupil to schedule your sessions.
Remember to: 
Please make your emails your own but always ensure they are professional and informative. We have some template emails and pointers here which you are welcome to use and edit.
If your pupil forgets to copy us in, remember to copy us in in your follow up email to put us back in the loop.
We will spot check these emails periodically but if you have a specific question, please email your Programme Manager directly (details below).


If at any point during the programme you need support, we are here to help you.
Please look through the portal, as you are likely to find an answer to any question here.
Have a look at our FAQ page - is your question answered there?
If you're still unsure, please reach out to your Programme Manager who will get back to you as soon as they can. 
Have a question?
Want to chat about the programme with fellow coaches?
Come along to our optional Zoom drop in sessions on Fridays at 12:30 - 13:00.
Link to join here
Programme Managers
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