Supporting My Local School: Rebecca's Story

Rebecca has always had a passion for helping people – which is exactly what led to her working in recruitment.

That same passion led her to volunteer on the Future Frontiers career coaching programme.

As a result, she has seen an improvement in her own skills – and has been given additional responsibility in her company.

Written by Rebecca Mawer, Future Frontiers volunteer coach

Why I wanted to work with Future Frontiers…

I’ve always felt confident about myself and driven to be successful, while always wanting to help people too. These qualities are what led me into recruitment. It gives me so many opportunities to get out, meet people and develop relationships. Best of all, I’m helping people into work.

I therefore jumped at the chance to work with Future Frontiers. Because when the offer got shared around our office, I saw straight away the opportunities it gave me to grow and bring others with me.

Rebecca & her student from Lilian Baylis Technology School