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Finishing the Programme

  • Thank the Sector Role Model for their time.

  • Feel proud! You've done an amazing thing, dedicating your time and effort to help a young person - well done and thank you!


Face-to-face coaching - Coaches please give your pupil the Activity Handbook pages to keep.

Virtual coaching - Coaches do not send the annotated Activity handbook pages to their programme manager, unless your pupil misses session 4.

All pupils receive their Options Plans after the programme (by filling in their End of programme survey in Session 4) and these plans include the most important answers from activities across the 4 sessions (ie their skills, two top careers, plan A pathway and plan B pathway). 

Please complete the end of programme Coach survey HERE.

We will be in touch with the impact report a few weeks after the end of the programme.

We would like to say a huge thank you for being part of this programme and supporting a young person! We hope you enjoyed the experience and if you have any questions or further feedback, do contact your programme manager.
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