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Bring the Future Frontiers programme to your pupils

How We Support Schools

We know that young people from low-income backgrounds do not lack high aspirations. However, they miss out on the guidance and networks they need to develop their aspirations and understand fully the role their education will play in their future success. 


Too often this leads to poor engagement and ill-informed decisions at school.


Through tailored support delivered by inspiring professionals and trained advisors, our programme nurtures the individual aspirations of each young person, inspiring them to achieve at school – and beyond.

Our programme has been proven to transform pupils' engagement with learning and prepare them to transition to high-quality post-16 destinations.


greater reduction in negative behaviour points


Significant impact on career readiness and thinking positively about school


Pupils agree the programme has improved their attitudes towards learning

What Does The Programme Involve?

We offer an intensive two year programme of support.


In the first year, we secure a dedicated business partner to host and part-fund the programme for your students. We match every pupil to a coach from your partner business.  Pupils discover a career that inspires them and plan their
pathway to success. 


All pupils complete the programme with a personalised development plan, mapping out an academic flight path to achieving their top career.

In the second year, each pupil receives 1:1 guidance from a trained advisor, and ongoing support from the Future Frontiers team to ensure high-quality post-16 destinations.

Year 10

Coaching and access to professionals to develop aspirations and build lasting engagement with learning.

• Six hours of coaching delivered by a business professional to develop aspirations and build lasting motivation.

• A video call with a professional in their top career.

• A seminar to outline the main post 16 and post-18 education, employment and training options.


Year 11

Tailored support to guarantee pupils secure a high quality post-16 destination.

Across the year, pupils are supported to:

• Identify high quality courses for post-16 study, including a “Plan A” and “Plan B” option.

• Complete applications for high-quality
post-16 courses.

• Secure first choice courses after GCSE results day.


The most noticeable change was a renewed energy and drive from several of the students that trickled down into their motivation in class.

Tom Ding, Head of Sixth Form Ark Academy


"Students now focus more on their immediate classwork and attainment, knowing they have more of a detailed understanding of what they want to achieve in the future. "

Richard Bonser, Vice Principal, Ark Globe Academy

To hear more about our programme and to check your school's eligibility, please get in touch.

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