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You will be using the online platform Bramble to host your sessions.
Before your programme, you will be sent an invite to create an account.
  • Click the link
  • Fill out your details
  • Create a new room and name your room
  • This automatically creates a link to your room
  • Share the link with your pupil (they do not need to create an account)
Having trouble launching Bramble?
Try Google Chrome.
Bramble has a great troubleshooting section so if you are experiencing tech problems, have a look there.
If you need more help, please email for any technical issues with the platform.
  • Bramble records everything you do in the “room” – we use this to spot check your sessions.
  • It saves your progress from the previous sessions so you can see what you wrote down in the previous sessions 
  • You'll upload the pupil handbook to the notebook (and you can turn the pages like an ebook on the notebook) and help your student work through it. You use your coach handbook to guide you in the best way to complete the activities.
  • You can download all the work you do on the notebook and send it as a PDF to your student – we recommend doing this at the end of the  programme (as this cleans your notebook and you have to reupload the handbook).

Watch this demo video:

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