Session 1

This session will help your pupil:

  • Get to know you and learn how to use the platform


  • Gain a greater understanding of their interests, motivations and skills


  • Consider what matters to them in a career


Make sure you spend some time at the beginning of the first session getting to know your pupil!

Activity 1: What do you want to achieve?

  • By getting pupils to think about what they want to achieve, you can make the most out of the time you have together. This can also help focus your pupil and help you when thinking about what is best to cover in each session.


  • Feel free to keep returning to this and make sure the programme is still feeling relevant and useful for your pupil.


  • Is there anything that is not on the list they would like to get out of this programme? What parts of the programme can you focus on to ensure they go away having achieved their goals?

Activity 2: What have you already thought about?


  • If your pupil has some career or pathways ideas already, this is your opportunity to break down what they already know and start to think about how you can fill in any gaps in their knowledge.


  • Ask questions to help your pupil identify why they are interested in those particular jobs or post-16 routes, and try to understand their influences.

e.g. ask them if they have spoken to someone who does that job and what they know about what that job involves.

Activity 3: What motivates you?

  • You should find yourself referring back to this activity throughout the programme, as you help your pupil evaluate different careers against what is important to them.

  • Probe students to explain why they are selecting certain statements and explain meanings to them if they don't know certain ones.

Activity 4: Strengths and skills

  • Encourage your pupils to think of at least two skills to fill in the last column. If they get stuck or have missed an important one, ask them questions about the activities they note in the second column.

  • Try to get students thinking about these traits in relation to their employability, as students may not realise that their qualities would be valuable in the workplace.

e.g. if your pupil has written "co-operative", you could encourage them to think about teamwork as a strength they could bring to the workplace and later ensure they consider roles that involve working with others.


  • Go through the checklist noting what you have achieved that session. Give your pupil lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement for what you have successfully completed.

  • Remember the debrief framework in training:

    • Ask what you have done in that session

    • Ask what they have enjoyed

    • Ask what the implications of this are

    • Ask what they can think about before the next session