What we do.

At Future Frontiers we believe that all young people can be motivated by their aspirations. To ignite that motivational force, we recruit and train top university students to deliver a face-to-face career coaching programme that helps pupils find that inspirational career and progress further at school.

We show pupils the academic path to achieving their top careers, developing a clear connection between their aspirations and success at school. Our programme has proven ability to increase the motivation and engagement of young people, leading to increased performance at school.

Our programme has four distinct phases that ensures pupils Discover a career that inspires them, Explore those carers to gain a practical understanding about each career, Connect to relevant professionals on Skype and build a detailed academic and development plan that ensure they go on to Achieve their goals. Click here to watch our youtube video.

What the numbers say.

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Just one in three disadvantaged students achieved five good GCSE grades in 2014, compared with more than 60% of their wealthier peers.

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In England, almost one million young people are currently not in education, employment or training.

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When 8000 young people were asked ‘What motivates you to work hard at school?’ the overwhelming majority agreed: A desire to achieve career goals.

What people say about us.